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Our Philosophy

Finding health, happiness and confidence in yourself and your relationships.

Many times the problems we face do not exist in isolation. They often affect, and are affected by family, friends, partners, co-workers or maybe a struggle to find or maintain these relationships. The focus of therapy through Wolfe Counseling on how to find health, happiness and confidence in both yourself and your relationships. Learn more about our therapists and how we work with individuals, couples, and families.

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Our Story

Kristina Lujan has spent the last 15 years specializing in couples therapy and growing her private practice. She is dual licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Colorado.

As her practice became full and demand for services continued, she began envisioning a contractor program where she could not only grow her practice, but help others have successful practices with less risk, fewer hoops, and in a more connected way – things she wished she’d had! Kristina has a strong belief in the givers gain philosophy in her life that transcends her business model. When we give in thoughtful ways, we too gain financially AND walk a whole hearted life. To achieve this, she loves the idea of contractors being customers, with the intent to keep contractors motivated, happy, and incentivized!) to continue their education and grow the field and model of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). In 2008, she started contracting with other couples therapists and mentoring them in private practice, “It’s a huge reward to give back to others in my position and taking fear of livelihood out of the equation.”

In her free time, Kristina enjoys spending time with her husband Bill, daughters Maddie and Natalie, Bengal-mix Rajah (think really big cat!), and English Bull Puggle puppy Sergeant Wrinkles. Her hobbies include hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and attempting to keep a garden (attempting is the key word here).

Our Therapists are Special

The difference between individual counseling and couples therapy is profound. It is imperative that your counselor be aware of these differences and have specialized training in couples therapy. Even with specialized training, it is important to find the therapist that’s right for you or your relationship. It is our mission to find you the right therapist. If it’s not with us, we are well connected and happy to provide referrals in the community.

All of our couples therapists have completed or are in the process of completing advanced training in couples therapy. This includes the EFT Externship (30-hour advanced training), Core Skills (advanced training in EFT), Certification and EFT master courses. Your therapist’s rate is determined by two factors: license status and level of training in EFT, NOT necessarily their their overall level of experience or expertise in other areas, which is often quite vast.