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Our Support Plans

Below is a comprehensive list of services available to your practice at each support plan. When we support your practice with more client referrals, a portion of the client rate we hold goes toward supporting YOUR practice in impactful ways. If you want to see your clients and leave the rest to us, check out The Total Package Plan! We provide business management and support services so you don’t have to hire, manage, or pay an employee to do it!

(5-9 sessions/mo held)
(10-19 sessions/mo held)
(20-30 sessions/mo held)
(30+ sessions/mo held)
Business Mentorship GroupYesYesYesYes(Included for all)
Private Practice Support LibraryYesYesYesYes(Included for all)
Free Financial Assistance for EFT TrainingsSmall processing feeYesYesYes
Receptionist ServicesIntake scheduling for contracted clientsIntake scheduling & Document gathering for contracted clientsIntake scheduling, Document gathering, & Client scheduling for contracted clientsIntake scheduling, Document gathering, & Client scheduling for YOUR ENTIRE PRACTICE$35/hr
Administrative Assistance Concierge Service1 hr Getting Started administrative assistance1 hr/mo3 hrs/mo5 hrs/mo$45/hr
Marketing, Advertising & Website Mgmtlow per hour fee (see ala carte)low per hour fee (see ala carte)Profile listed: 1 hr on your practiceProfile listed: 2 hrs on your practice$50/hr
Office Space DiscountFlexible options5% Off10% Off15% Off
Discounted Practice Management SystemNoYesYesYes
Livable Wage Rate IncreaseNo10% wage increase20% wage increase30% wage increase
Advanced Business Supportlow per hour fee (see ala carte)low per hour fee (see ala carte)1hr/mo2hrs/mo$80/hr

Benefits Defined:

Business Support Group: We believe in community and un-isolating in private practice. Often therapists will have support in clinical matters but are left figuring out this wild world of private practice on their own. There’s a lot to know and little to no business management courses in training to become a therapist. To help support our contractors, we offer a free business support group that meets once every 6 weeks for 2 hours (1 hour if 1 person is present). Information about when the group meets will be given to you when you join with us. Think of this group as “group therapy for your business”. We want to support you in getting organized, being accountable to your business goals, becoming knowledgeable on financial tracking/Quickbooks, taxes, marketing and business management, create and accomplish business goals, and generally support you in what can be a difficult and lonely journey in developing a clinical practice and business. Each meeting we split the time by the number of people present and allow each person to speak on an area or areas they currently could use ideas/support in their practice. You will leave each meeting with manageable “homework” for you to complete before the next meeting. Most WC independent contractors attend this meeting and find it valuable for acquiring a sense of community in private practice, accountability to their own goals, and learning from others. (Note: Independent Contractor may purchase additional individual mentoring time with WC at the rate listed in your contract).

Free Financial Assistance for EFT Training: We would like to support you in gaining advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). When contractors are more experienced, they provide better therapy, retain clients longer and we can compensate them well accordingly. Unfortunately it is illegal to pay for training of any kind for independent contractors. However, we are happy to extend interest free business loans to assist with training. Once you complete the training, your rate increases, which then helps you pay off the training cost. Your contract with us includes a list of rate increases based on your experience in EFT (as well as other factors such as licensure, longevity in the field, and longevity with us!). Please reach out to Kristina if you have interest in hearing more about how our loan program can help you afford training in EFT and pay it off with your increase in compensation rate!

Support Library: We provide our contractors a complete library of client forms & handouts, articles & videos on a variety of EFT & clinical topics, billing forms & payment receipts, and small business startup steps, instructions, & FAQ’s. This library is available to help you build and grow your clinical skills AND practice.

Receptionist Services: Our administrative team provides scheduling for WC clients AND also your private practice clients. Let us do the scheduling and rescheduling for you so you can spend your time seeing clients and enjoying work life balance!

Administrative Assistance Concierge Service: We offer a concierge service where you can use OUR dedicated administrative assistant for YOUR business. Need help researching service options, troubleshooting an issues, setting up and learning a new system or program (i.e. QuickBooks, Google Ads, MyBusiness, Yelp, websites, social media campaigns, etc.)? What about getting organized with standard operating procedures, learning a new system like Quickbooks, managing your time better, or just running a question or idea by someone knowledgeable? We can help you set up and manage the systems you need in order to run a streamlined business. Our concierge service would love to help you with just about anything you or your business needs. Yes, we’re serious. We’ll help you one-on-one, with ALL of it. For free.

Marketing, Advertising & Website Management: Let us do your basic marketing and advertising for your practice. Examples include managing your Google MyBusiness and Yelp accounts, your website, basic social media campaigns, headshots and office photos, stock photos, etc.

Office Space Discount: Our sister company Denver Integrated Therapies offers our contractors special pricing and flexibility when renting at our beautiful location overlooking Clear Creek in Wheat Ridge, CO. We celebrate connection at the office the same way we do with our contractors. You may hold WC-referred client sessions in a DIT office space upon request and based on Company discretion. We offer discounted monthly rates and a $15 hourly rate for contractors only (we usually have a 5hr/week minimum requirement).
Discounted Practice Management System: Receive a discount on practice management system to schedule clients, allow clients to schedule, send auto appointment reminders, send/ receive secure communication & documents, and process payments/billing all from one easy platform.

Livable Wage Rate Increase (LWI): As you see more contract clients, it’s necessary to earn a higher percentage of your session rate to make ends meet. And it’s just fair! At least, that’s what we think. We want to grow strong long-term relationships with our contractors, and we believe our LWI benefit is one of the best ways to ensure your reimbursement rate always feels fair. Heck, we want you to see more clients for us too! It helps us manage less and enjoy a more intimate, close team with our contractors. For all these reasons, session reimbursement rates are increased by 10% each 10 clients you see each calendar month, up to a 30% total INCREASE to your base wage. You are not expected to maintain a certain number of clients each month and we celebrate less dependence on contracted clients, if that’s your goal. The LWI is calculated each month.

Advanced Business Support: Receive more advanced and personalized business support, accountability and directives (i.e. business plan development, evaluating profit and loss reports for your business growth, detailed marketing and advertising support and campaigns, etc.).

Want to Learn More?

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