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Therapist Rate Structure

Here at Wolfe Counseling, we specialize mostly in couples therapy and intimate relationships (although our therapists ALSO offer other modalities you will find on our site). Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is empirically founded and shown to be an extremely effective treatment for adult attachment, and even individual and family therapy as well (Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy or EFIT and Emotionally Focused Family Therapy or EFFT).

Due to our “secure bond” to EFT (just a little EFT humor!), couples therapy rates are determined by each therapist’s level of training in EFT and licensure status, NOT necessarily their their overall level of experience, which is often quite extensive. For more information on rates of therapy, visit our Meet Our Therapists page. You will find each therapist’s rate listed in his/her profile.


Research shows that up to 40% of success in therapy may be due to the rapport clients have with their therapist. For this reason, it is very important that you like your counselor and feel comfortable talking with them about your concerns. We offer a full 50-minute intake session for 75% off the full rate or a free 20 minute virtual session to provide the opportunity for you and your therapist to meet and ensure the right client/counselor fit.


We have a strict but fair cancellation policy. We don’t like charging fees and understand that last minute things happen sometimes. If you give notice within 24 hours, we will share the cancellation cost with you and only charge 50% of the couples therapy rate of the session scheduled. Only when you do not show up for your session or cancel within 6 hours of your appointment time will you be charged in full for your appointment (your therapist has likely been preparing ahead of time for your session). Regular attendance is important for growth. If you cancel three times in a row for any reason, the third session will be charged in full.

Out-of-Network Insurance Reimbursement

We are not in network with any insurance companies, however, we are covered by many insurances’ “out of network” coverage. For insurance reimbursement, please be SURE to contact your insurance company and ensure your therapists diagnosis code and CPT Codes are covered by your insurance company. After you’ve spoken with your insurance company, contact us for assistance with providing an invoice to submit to your insurance company. For assistance in this matter, check out our Insurance Reimbursement Guide.

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HSA's and Scholarships

Psychotherapy should always be covered by your company’s Health Savings Account if you have one. Let us know if you would like to use your HSA card or submit for HSA reimbursement. We are happy to assist with either process. We offer a limited scholarship program for those in financial need who are committed to the therapy. Contact us to learn more!

No Surprise Billing/ Good Faith Estimates

Colorado law protects patients from surprise medical bills by implementing measures to prevent balance billing from out-of-network providers. These regulations aim to ensure fair payments for such services and enhance transparency in healthcare costs. Patients are entitled to receive good faith estimates from healthcare providers, providing them with anticipated costs before undergoing treatment. The therapists at Wolfe Counseling are independent contractors. As such, independent contractors are responsible for the care they provide, and are responsible for ensuring GFE requirements are met.