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Couples/ Marriage Counseling
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Individual Counseling
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Child, Teen/Tween Counseling
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Family Counseling
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We offer virtual therapy options for all Coloradans, no matter how remote. In-person sessions are also available across the Denver-Metro.

Understanding EFT Couples Therapy Training

Our therapists undergo extensive Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy training to make sure they are highly qualified to give you the best service possible. Read more about EFT therapy and the training our therapists go through.

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Couples/Marriage Counseling

No matter who you choose to be your couples counselor, it’s always a good idea to ask if the therapist is trained specifically in couples counseling. Our couples therapists are REQUIRED to have additional training in couples therapy, specifically Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is empirically founded and shown to be extremely effective. Research demonstrates that 70% of couples who complete EFT report significant improvements in their relationship satisfaction.

All of our couples therapists have completed the Externship (first level of training), and most are working towards additional training in Core Skills (second level of training), Certification and other EFT master courses. Your therapist’s rate is determined by a combination of his or her licensure status and level of training in EFT, not necessarily their their overall level of experience, which is often quite vast. See each therapists licensure status and level of EFT training on the Meet Our Therapists page.

Individual Counseling

All of us have experienced hard times in our relationships, families, careers, and lives in general. We become overwhelmed with too many commitments and too little time. If you currently fall into this category, you might find yourself becoming anxious, worried, sad, angry and/or hopeless. The thoughts you have might worry you. You might not feel like yourself when you are alone or with others. After a while, isolating becomes a coping strategy to minimize the disruption in your life and those around you. Maybe you’re drinking or smoking more than you usually do or irritable with others. Thoughts like, “I’ll just wait, it’ll get better” have probably gone through your mind for a while now. Please don’t wait any longer. The earlier you get help, the earlier you will feel better.

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Child, Teen/Tween Counseling

Child & Play Therapy
If your child’s emotions or behaviors are concerning to you, therapy for your child may be a place to assist your child in expressing emotions properly, resolve negative feelings about people or circumstances, learn to regulate feelings and communicate more effectively at home and school. Family sessions during this process may benefit parents in responding to the specific needs of the child, parent and family, depending on your situation and family needs. If you’re not sure which therapy option(s) may be best for your child, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is available to assist with any clinical questions you have.

Teens & Tweens
Being a teen is never easy. Adolescents are stuck somewhere between being a child and adult, wanting independence but feeling trapped in a world where everyone is telling them they’re not ready, and no one truly understands. Many teens try to escape the pressures of their lives by isolating themselves from their families and support networks, becoming depressed or anxious, abusing alcohol or drugs to cope, or engaging in high risk or delinquent behavior. When appropriate, family members may be invited to join therapy to support healthy expression of feelings, structure, independence, communication, bonding and incorporate the needs of parents and other family members.

Family Counseling

Sometimes issues affect the whole family. Family therapy is a great option for the whole family to adjust to change, divorce, remarriage, blended families, a child or other family members’ behavior or diagnosis, parent-child relationships, bonding or other family concerns. We are happy to help assist you in finding the best therapist fit for your family’s needs.

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